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tjmccloud on Smiling Eyes
Great pic- i love the color, from the bright corner to the pink in her cheeks. Thanks, also for turning me on to this ...

Mark Grapengater on Beach Line
It's not as much for me either. I think it's sharper over at As far as I was ...

Bjarte on Beach Line
Hi, Mark! Nice use of colour and composition. The "thing" in front is not pin sharp on my monitor. Is it ...

louis Despres on Phuket Sunset
lovely colorfull sunset

Stickle on Phuket Sunset
Nice shot! I want to go back there some day!

Erik on Phuket Sunset
That's incredible! One of the best sunset pictures I have ever seen.

Robert on Phuket Sunset
lovely picture great lighting

Alain on The Games Man
Great portrait! Excellent work!

Dipti on Grief
beautiful in b&w, the emotion has been nicely captured ...Very nice Mark!

Inès on The Wing
Yes, interesting shot !

Lia on The Wing
Okay it obviously is!!! The title says it all ;) (sorry many nights without sleep does that to me...)

Lia on The Wing
Interesting picture. I really like the intense blue color. It is an airplane wing, isn't it?

Suby and Sinem on The Games Man
He looks very wise. Suby

chiaki on The Games Man
great! compelling image :)

Helen on The Games Man
Great portrait. You've captured quite deal of character here, well done!

Suby and Sinem on Me
Simple yet cool shot Suby

KM Faisal on Me
nice shot

Art Monkey on Me
nice shot - wonderful detail

Daroru on Me
Great tones... interesting composition. Very cool.

Shep on Girl with Rose
very nice I love the grainy feel of it

Shep on Me
nice composition

agathe on Me
great self portrait! so interresting!

Tim on Maruchan
Very interesting shot. Well done.

Lydia on Girl with Rose
beautifyl b&w photo

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